t  h  e     a  r  t      o  f     t  e  d      f  u  s  b  y

a b o u t   b u y i n g    a r t


Most of the art works on these pages are for sale, although
some of the pieces have been sold already and some of
them are not for sale.  The term "Private Collection" indicates
that the work has already been sold.

Please contact the artist for specific prices on specific
works, or to discuss individual works.  Or just to say hello.

I do consider commissions, so ask me if you have an idea
for one.  I may be persuaded to do a new version of a work
of mine that was already sold, so ask if you are really interested.
I require a 40 percent advance payment to do a commission,
which is non-refundable.  I prefer not to do portraits, but I can refer
you to a fine gay portrait artist who works in oils, if you are interested.

Shipping will be in a flat, sturdy box, using UPS Ground service,
and in the U.S.A. it costs about $20, to be paid by the buyer. 
Outside the U.S.A., shipping is expensive, and can be around
$100 for Europe or Asia.  All shipping costs will be added to
the sales price.

PAYMENT:  Payment may be made by credit card to my PayPal
account.  If you already have a PayPal account, you may use that to
pay into my PayPal account.  All PayPal fees and foreign currency
exchange fees will be paid by the buyer.  PayPal credit card fees can run about
3%, and foreign currency exchange fees another 3%. Once I find out the shipping
costs and the transaction fees, I will email the total price to the buyer. If he
decides to proceed, I will have PayPal email a secure request for payment,
in which the buyer uses his credit card to transfer money to my PayPal
account.  This way the buyer's credit card information is kept secure.
Once the money shows up in my PayPal account, I will ship the
painting to the buyer.

Buyers in the U.S.A. may use a personal check, if they prefer,
but the painting will not be shipped until the check clears.

COPYRIGHT:  Please note that the artist retains all copyrights to
all his works unless the copyright is specifically purchased from
him in a written contract.  Otherwise, a purchase contract transfers
only the original art work or print, but not the right to publish it.

RETURNS:  Artworks may be returned for a full refund if they arrive
at the artist's in perfect condition.  Return shipping will not be