t  h  e     a  r  t      o  f     t  e  d      f  u  s  b  y

t h e   a r t i s t   i n   p r i n t

The recent book, 100 Artists of the Male Figure, by E. Gibbons (2011),
included some of Ted Fusby's work.  The book encompasses the work
of artists from around the world, focusing on painting, drawing, and sculpture. 
It is available at Amazon.com, as well as many other major book retailers.

Some of Ted Fusby's art is included in a new book (2009) :

Powerfully Beautiful : Classically Inspired Living Painters
of the Male Figure, curated by E. Gibbons

The book is available on Amazon.com (click picture for link).

The book contains the work of 26 contemporary painters,
each with a significant body of work devoted to the male nude.
The works shown are sensual, rather than erotic, and show
a wide range of ideas and approaches to depicting the male nude.

Each artist has about 5 pages of art shown, plus a written statement.
Some of the artists are gay, some not.


An earlier book (2007)called Stripped: The Illustrated Male, a publication
of Bruno Gmunder, aims for an erotic focus on the male nude.  The book's
stylistic mix is a bit jumbled, with comic book art tossed in next to serious
oil painters, but it is good to see there are many artists producing male
erotic art all over the world.  The book is also available on Amazon.com
(click picture for link).  It includes 3 pictures by Ted Fusby, and its printing
quality is excellent.