t  h  e     a  r  t     o  f     t  e  d     f  u  s  b  y

s a i n t s   &   d e m o n s

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A Note About Saints and Demons:

A visitor once asked me, after seeing halos on some figures, if I thought that gay people were saints.
I told him no, but some saints may have been gay.  I also believe that,  being human, they were
probably more carnal than many idealists would like to believe. My saints depicted here are carnal, gay,
and live worldly lives. 

The demons shown here are the opposite side of the coin.  They are metaphors for evil, but they are
as varied as anything else in life.  Some are merely mischievous imps, while others are more sinister.
Some represent the demons in one's life or one's past, which must be dealt with, like it or not.  In both
cases, the meaning is given by the viewer, and the artist offers up possibilities to be embraced or not.